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  • the person talking
  • Avise:pron
  • in the list of 100 operations of the BASIC English words!
  • in the choice of BASIC English words of "English through pictures"! - see page: 1/1+3
  • Avise:say ai

ar: ar:, bg: bg:, ca: ca:, da: da:, de: ich, el: el:, en: I, eo: mi, es: yo, fi: fi:, fr: je, ha: ha:, he: he:, hi: hi:, hu: hu:, ia: ia:, id: id:, ie: yo, me, io: me, it: io, ja: ja:, la: la:, lr: mi, mg: izaho, nl: nl:, oo: dore|12, pl: pl:, pt: eu, ro: eu, rom: me, ru: ru:, sa: sa:, sj: sj:, sw: sw:, toki: mi, tr: tr:, ur: ur:, zb: zb:, zh: zh: